STEP course for school students from across London, 2019-20. Saturdays 9:30 to 11:30 at City of London Academy, 240 Lynton Rd, London SE1 5LA (room 2B5).

To sign up for the course, please email Zhaoqi Chen at with cc: to Martin Thomas at There is no course fee.

STEP course booklet 2019-20

More details of the 2019-20 course here

Web page for information about STEP and access to STEP past papers

STEP support program online

Database of STEP past-paper questions

Peter Mitchell’s model answers to STEP questions (there are also “official” model answers for the more recent papers, and other model answers for older papers elsewhere).

Tasters: some simply-stated sample STEP problems

Some booklets by Stephen Siklos are the nearest things to “textbooks” for STEP.

“Advanced Problems in Mathematics” (2019 edition)

“Advanced Problems in Mathematics” (2008 edition)

“Advanced Problems in Core Mathematics” (2008 edition)

As from 2019, there is no longer a formula booklet provided for STEP. However, if a question requires knowledge of a formula beyond what you will have learned for A level, then the formula will be given in the question. Click here to see what knowledge of formulas and such is assumed in STEP (and click here to see all the 2019 changes in specifications).

The course booklet was originally based on rearranging material from Michael Gibson’s STEP course available on the Integral Maths website. It contains a weblink to a solution for most problems except the easiest.

We are constantly revising the course booklet: please email us at when you detect errors, unclear bits, etc.

STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) is a maths exam, taken around the same time as A level and depending only on A level knowledge of formulas and such, but designed to require much more thought and imagination to answer the questions.

STEP is used by Cambridge and Warwick universities as part of their regular admissions process, and other big maths departments will also value a good STEP result highly. In any case, attempting it helps you improve your mathematical skills, and prepares you better for university maths than A level does.

STEP is rarely taught in schools, so since 2016-7 we have run a STEP-preparation course for students from schools across South East London and beyond, on Saturdays.

Click here for info on the 2017-8 and 2018-9 courses

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