STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) is a maths exam, taken around the same time as A level and depending only on A level knowledge of formulas and such, but designed to require much more thought and imagination to answer the questions.

STEP is used by Cambridge and Warwick universities as part of their regular admissions process, and other big maths departments will also value a good STEP result highly.

STEP is rarely taught in schools, so we are running a STEP-preparation course at Greenwich University, for students from schools across South East London and beyond, on Saturdays.

Greenwich STEP course, 2017-8: schedule

25 November – Zack, Leigh, and Yuliia
2 December – Martin, Marcel, and Yuliia
16 December – Martin, Leigh, and Yuliia
20 January – Leigh, Zack, and Yuliia – QA138 or QA139
27 January – Marcel, Martin, and Yuliia – QA063 or QA075
10 February – Yuliia, Martin – QA138 or QA139
3 March – cancelled due to snow
10 March – Yuliia, Marcel, Leigh – QA138 or QA139 – Factorise, factorise, factorise!
24 March – Yuliia, Marcel, Martin – QA280 or QA220 – Swimming underwater
21 April – Marcel, Leigh – QA 100 and QA120 – Probability
5 May – Martin, Leigh – QA065 and QA180 (both lecture theatres) – Statistics
12 May – Leigh – QA075 – “Second spiral”
19 May – Yuliia, Martin, Zack – QA075 – Mini-mocks
26 May – Yuliia, Marcel, Leigh, Martin – QA138 – Mini-mocks

Draft STEP booklet, based on rearranging material from Michael Gibson’s STEP course available on the Integral Maths website.

The attached pdf will be updated as I become aware of errors, gaps, etc. in the text, so you will always find the latest pdf version here.

Please tell me about remaining errors, etc.: email

Click here to download pdf (last updated 12/7/18)

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