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700+ mathematicians and 10 Fields medallists (so far) against Trump’s anti-immigrant order


Terry Tao has put the lines below as the masthead picture of his blog. He and over 700 mathematicians (as of Tuesday 31st) have signed this petition against Trump’s “executive order” against immigration, including figures like Maryam Mirzakhani, Karen Smith, Peter Sarnak, Dana Scott, Curtis T. McMullen, Edward Witten, Efim Zelmanov, Richard Taylor, and Pierre Deligne:

The Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society have both officially denounced the ban.


Some more STEP solutions

I/1999/4 – sketching regions

I/2007/9 – particle on an inclined plane

I/2007/13 – numbered discs

II/2007/6 – differentiation, square roots, ln

II/2007/7 – Jensen’s inequality

II/2007/8 – vectors, product of ratios = 1

II/2007/12 – throwing two dice and stopping

II/2011/1 – sketching and finding roots of square-root expressions

II/2013/4 – locus of midpoint of chord of circle

III/2007/6 – points round a circle

III/2007/8 – differential equation

III/2009/6 – e, e, e, e, and a circle

III/2011/6 – four definite integrals with tanh, sinh, coth, and ln

I/2009/13 – girls and boys in a row

Click here for answers (pdf)

For STEP I/2007/8 (sketching cubics) see


III/1999/11 – hoop rolling over the edge of a table

Click here for solution (from The Student Room)