Y13 Further Maths homework for 28 March and 18 April

Year 13 Further Maths homework for 28/3/18

Please complete the FP3 vectors worksheet we started on Thursday 22nd.


I think the worksheet has the different sorts of calculations in order of difficulty, so if you got well into the distance-between-parallel-planes section in class you’ve got past the most difficult stuff, and should be all right with the rest. But, as always, email me if you get stuck.

Year 13 Further Maths homework for 18/4/18

Do these past papers

S2 January 2012 (from your booklet https://mathsmartinthomas.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/s2-pp-2010-2017.pdf)

FP2 June 2013 (this is the “ordinary” FP2 June 2013, not the
“withdrawn” one you did for the mock, and not the 2013R one) (from your booklet https://mathsmartinthomas.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/fp2_frost.pdf)

FP3 June 2009
FP3 June 2010

(the first two papers in the booklet https://mathsmartinthomas.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/fp3_frost.pdf).

I would suggest at this stage that you do them open-book (i.e. feel
free to look up the textbook, or the web, or the mark scheme, when you get stuck) *but* in the 90 minute time-frame.

Please mark your own work, and try to puzzle out what went wrong where you made mistakes or blanked.

And, of course, email me for help at any stage.

Scan and send those papers to me (preferably), or hand them in to me at the start of next term?