Y12 and Y13 Further Maths homework for Wed 10 October


Year 12 Further Maths homework to Wednesday 10 October

Part A: Abass – redo Q.10 and 11 from p.23

Aniqa – redo Q.6, 7, 8 from p.23

Callum – complete p.23 Q.13

David – redo p.26 Q.5 and Q.7

Enoch – finish p.26 from booklet

Helen – no Part A

Howard – finish p.26 from booklet, Q.5-6-7. Find √(4+4i) by using the Classwiz calculator.

Jeffrey – redo Q.8 and 9 from page 23 of booklet.

Lara – p.23 Q.1, 2, 3, 8; p.26 Q.1, 4, 5.

Obi – redo p.23 Q.10 and p.26 Q.1

Mya – Find quadratic equations with roots:
a. 5 ± 7i
b. 7 ± 5i

Reece – Redo p.23 Q.10 and 11

No Part C this week.

Part B: complex numbers workbook p.28. Click here for an answer sheet. Please mark your own work before handing it in.

Click here for worked examples of how to solve quartic equations (equations with x4

Year 13 Further Maths homework to Wednesday 10 October

No Part A this week (but Mohaned, Brenda, and Genie need to do a lot of catch-up)

Part B: Complete Ex.3E Q.1, 2 and 6

Write out the Edexcel proof of De Moivre’s Theorem (p.28 and 29 of the textbook) as concisely and briefly as you can (while still being satisfactory to an Edexcel examiner).

Complete Activity 6 in the Möbius transformations booklet

Part C: Ex.6F Q.2