Maths Beyond The Syllabus 2017-8

Sessions at the City of London Academy Southwark, open to Sixth Form students and teachers from other schools. Each session combines a talk from a visiting presenter with interactive work. To book, contact the London South East Maths Hub.

Topology and Big Data

Jacek Brodzki (Southampton University) and Derek Hill (UCL) will introduce us to new methods being used to analyse the much larger datasets produced by new information technologies. Traditional statistical methods lose grip, and topology, the branch of maths that studies the properties of shapes which remain when they are bent, twisted, or stretched, gives us keys to the “shape” of the data. Monday 18 September, 9:50-12:10.

Building a Theorem

Joe Watkins (Kent University) will introduce us to the exact and careful procedures which have enabled mathematicians to defy prejudice, tradition, and established authority, and prove the most startling results beyond doubt. He’ll follow up with a presentation on the relations between juggling and music. Wednesday 18 October, 9:50-12:10.

Escher and Coxeter

Sarah Hart (Birkbeck, University of London) will give us a glance into where geometry meets art. Maurits Escher, one of the most off-beat artists of the 20th century, had an ongoing conversation with Donald Coxeter, the outstanding geometer of the 20th century. Above: Escher’s Circle Limit I. Wednesday 15 November, 16:45-17:45