Further maths exam dates May-June 2017

19 May am FP1
14 June am M1
16 June am M2

17 May am M3
7 June am FP2
26 June pm FP3


These are some good hints from the web on what to do on the evening before an exam, and the morning of the exam.

Eat a great meal

Make a special effort to cook yourself a decent meal – a meal you’d have if you were celebrating and wanted to spoil yourself,.


Do a fun thing like watching a comedy show, having a kickabout or fiddling around with photos on instagram. Laughing will relax you, lower stress and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Make sure you wake up

Set an alarm. Set two. Get a family member or friend to check you’re up if you’re still worried. Just make sure you get to the exam in plenty of time.

Know when to stop  

In the morning, eat a hearty breakfast. Too much last-minute cramming can send your brain into a spin.

The website I took this from also suggests going over the main things you want to memorise the evening before and the morning of the exam. That may be a good idea for subjects like biology, where there is a lot to memorise. But for maths? Better to focus on being relaxed, calm, and confident.

You’re much more likely to forget things by way of your brain going blank from nerves than by lack of last-minute revision. Attempts at last-minute revision are more likely to increase your anxiety than your confidence.

Confidence is crucial in maths, more so than in other subjects. Like playing football or playing the piano: however much or little you’ve memorised, doing well depends on building your confidence.