April-May 2017 plan, Year 12 Further Maths

April-May 2017 plan, Year 12 Further Maths

21 April:
FP1 past paper January 2012
How to check answers
FP1 past paper January 2013
FP1 past paper June 2013

28 April:
M2 statics past-paper questions
How to read exam papers. “Modelling assumptions” in statics
FP1 past paper January 2014 I
FP1 past paper June 2014 R

5 May:
M2 work-energy past-paper questions
Square root of complex numbers; simultaneous equations with matrices
F1 IAL paper 2017
F1 IAL paper 2016

12 May:
F1 IAL paper 2014
Things we do different from the mark schemes plus last-minute round-up
F1 IAL paper June 2015
F1 IAL paper January 2015

Other practice material
• practice paper A
• practice paper B
• practice paper C
• practice paper D
• June 2014 paper
● June 2013 R paper
● Mock paper
● May 2015 paper
● May 2016 paper
all in booklet
Extra past papers (F1 IAL)
June 2013 “withdrawn” paper
● Bank of past questions issued by Edexcel in 2009, in booklet