Video help on FP2 differential equations


2nd order differential equations

List of videos

Ten videos, covering it all

1. Auxiliary equations (m-equations) with two different real roots (complementary functions like Aeax+Bebx)

2. m-equations with a double root (complementary functions like Aecx+Bxecx)

3. m-equations with imaginary and complex roots (complementary functions like Aeaix+Bebix, better written as C cos ax + D sin ax, or ebx(C cos ax + D sin ax))

4. Particular integrals (like λx + μ)

5. Substitutions (where you can’t solve the equation straight off, but you say y=xu, or x=eu, or something, and get rid of y, or get rid of x, to get an equation with u which you can solve)

A series of video tutorials on 1st order differential equations

Videos on 1st order differential equations