FP2 homework over the 2016-2017 holidays


Make sure you have a good holiday! But also do some maths.

First re-do the test you did on 15 December.

Check your work against the mark scheme and my worked answers, spot where you went wrong, then do this same paper again straight away at the start of the holidays, and mark it yourself.

(Then we’ll do the exact same paper again at the start of the January term, before going on to polar coordinates).

Paper at:

FP2 paper done on 15/12/16

Worked answers at:

FP2 June 2016 worked answers

Mark scheme at:

FP2 June 2016 mark scheme

Over the rest of the holidays, please do these three papers from your FP2 past-papers pack:

Practice Paper A

Practice Paper B

June 2014 (R)

These are also available online at:

Practice Paper A, and mark scheme

Practice Paper B, and mark scheme

June 2014 (R) paper and mark scheme.

Give yourself 90 minutes for each one. Skip the polar coordinates questions, since we haven’t covered that yet.

Then give yourself another 90 minutes to:

  • do any problems you ran out of time on
  • check the answers against the mark scheme, and mark your work. Calculate your percentage and write in into your FP2 past-papers pack.
  • using the mark scheme, work out how to do any problems you got stuck on, or made mistakes in
  • email me at mthomas@cityacademy.co.uk for help if and when you’re still baffled

The second 90 minutes is as important as the first 90 minutes. Of course, if you get all the questions completely right straight off, then the “second 90 minutes” may be less than 90 minutes.

That makes 9 hours’ FP2 work altogether, out of the 408 hours of the Xmas holidays. Please hand in the work to me in the first week of the January term.