FP1 homework over the 2016-2017 holidays


Make sure you have a good holiday! But also do some maths.

In 2015-16, the Year 12 Further Maths class did ok in the test in December, but then crashed in the January test because they had got out of practice. Don’t let that happen again.

Please do these three made-up “practice papers”. Give yourself 90 minutes for each one.

Then give yourself another 90 minutes to:

  • do any problems you ran out of time on
  • check the answers against the back of the book, and mark your work. Give yourself 4 for each completely correct answer, 2 for half-correct, 1 for quarter-correct, etc., so you get a total mark of out 40
  • using Solution Bank, work out how to do any problems you got stuck on, or made mistakes in
  • email me at mthomas@cityacademy.co.uk for help if and when you’re still baffled

The second 90 minutes is as important as the first 90 minutes. Of course, if you get all the questions completely right straight off, then the “second 90 minutes” may be less than 90 minutes.

That makes 9 hours’ FP1 work altogether, out of the 408 hours of the Xmas holidays. Please hand in the work to me in the first week of the January term.

Practice paper 1

Review Exercises 1. Q.5 – complex numbers
Exercise 1I, Q.6 – complex numbers
Review Exercises 1. Q.34 – numerical methods
Review Exercises 2. Q.3 – matrices
Q.14 – matrices
Q.22 – series
Q.39 – induction (series)
Q.54 – induction (divisibility)
Q.45 – induction (sequences)
Q.50 – induction (matrices)

Practice paper 2

Review Exercises 1. Q.7 – complex numbers
Exercise 1I, Q.4 – complex numbers
Review Exercises 1. Q.45 parts a and c – numerical methods
Review Exercises 2. Q.5 – matrices
Q.13 – matrices
Q.23 – series
Q.41 – induction (series)
Q.55 – induction (divisibility)
Q.48 – induction (sequences)
Exercise 6E, Q.2 – induction (matrices)

Practice paper 3

Ex.1I, Q.7 – complex numbers
Review Exercises 1. Q.1 – complex numbers
Ex.2D Q.6a and b – numerical methods
Review Exercises 2. Q.6 – matrices
Q.19 – matrices
Q.24 – series
Q.43 – induction (series)
Q.46 – induction (divisibility)
Ex.6E Q.5(a) – induction (matrices)
Ex.6E Q.4 – induction (sequences)