Free maths events at Oxford University


Interested in any of these?

It All Adds Up 2016: Maths Conferences for Girls

Following the success of It All Adds Up last year, the Mathematical Institute and Department of Statistics are once again hosting a day-long Maths Conference for girls in January. These are open to all girls, but schools are limited to 15 attendees. The day will involve lectures, hand-on activities and all things Mathematical. Booking opens on 9th November.

14th January: Girls in Years 12-13

For more information please see the It All Adds Up webpage:

Further Maths: What Next? 16th March 2016

This event is for Year 12 students studying Further Maths who would like to explore the options available at Oxford. Students should be expecting at least AAA at A-level, including Maths and Further Maths.

Bookings will open in January, but you can find out a bit more about the event here in the meantime:

Statistics Taster Day 18th March 2016

Year 12 students interested in Mathematics who would like to explore Statistics are invited to attend a day-long event of Statistical lectures and activities hosted in Oxford. Students should be expecting A* in Maths.

Bookings will open in early February. Find out more about this event on the Statistics Department website.

UNIQ Summer School (July)

The UNIQ Summer School is an opportunity for state school students at the end of Year 12 to spend a week in Oxford studying their chosen subject. This is a totally free event, open only to state school/college students through application. A wide range of courses are available, including Maths and Maths & Statistics. Applications open early January.