Little exams coming up, October 2015


We have to do our first exam, to test progress, in the week ending 16 October 2015. It’ll be a 50-minute test (not 90 minutes).



We’ll do an FP2 test on polar coordinates (ch 7), further complex numbers (ch 3), inequalities (ch 1), and series (ch 2) on Thursday 15th.

First 40 minutes on Thursday 15th will be for revision. Thursday 8th, we’ll cover chapter 2 (it’s very short), and refresh your memory on ch 1 and ch 3. Please look at ch 1 and ch 3 to see what you’d like to spend time on. I assume it will be mainly the later parts of ch 3 (loci).

Then on Thursday 22nd we’ll go on to differential equations (ch.4 and 5).


We’ll do an FP1 test on induction, numerical methods, and series on Friday 16th.

Thursday 8th, we’ll do numerical methods (interval bisection and linear interpolation). Don’t worry, it’s much easier than proof by induction.

Friday 9th, we’ll consolidate linear interpolation, and start on series (again, much easier than proof by induction, and easier still since you’ve already dealt with induction proofs with series).

Thursday 15th, we’ll consolidate series and have time for revision.

Then on Thursday 22nd we’ll do the last bit of numerical methods (Newton-Raphson, which won’t be in the test), and start on the next big topic, complex numbers.


We’ll do a C3 test on algebraic fractions (ch 1), functions (ch 2), exponential and log (ch 3), numerical roots (ch 4), and ch 8 (differentiation).

The test won’t cover trigonometry (ch 6, what we’re on at the moment) or transforming graphs (ch 5), because the other C3 class hasn’t got as far as us. However, the ch 5 stuff on transforming graphs is, as you know, pretty useful for the work on exponential and log (as well as trigonometry).

Thursday 8th, we’ll finish off chapter 6 by covering identities and inverse functions in trig.

Friday 9th, we’ll carry on with trig by doing chapter 7. (I must say that when I was at school, I loved maths, but the one bit I didn’t love was trig. Oh well. Mind you, in those days we used to have to do much more trig for A level)

Thursday 15th, we’ll have time for revision on chapter 8. Please have a look at chapter 8 to see what you’d like to spend time on.

First 40 minutes on Friday 16th will also be for revision.

Then on Thursday 22nd we go on with the trig (chapter 7).