How to reclaim your headspace


Students sometimes do less well in maths than their knowledge and talent should allow. One reason is getting nervous and flustered about it, so you forget things you really know, or make slips which would seem obvious to you if your mood were calmer and more positive. My daughter Daisy, who works as a counsellor, recommends this smartphone app to help in reclaiming your headspace. Try it out?

The Headspace meditation app.

Daisy adds:

There is another app called Smiling Mind that has a program for 16-22 as well as younger adolescents if needed.

The link to the Smiling Mind website can be found here: Smiling Mind

I checked out the 16-22 y/o program on breathing and it was pretty explanatory and good.

Here’s some info on mindfulness: Living Well.

And at Living Well (link above) there are some downloadable mp3s that you could check out.